Soba 68

Extract from the exhibition catalogue Castrumfoto 10

The series of photographs entitled Soba 68 (Room 68) combines twelve colour photographs taken in a natural landscape and in the intimate environment of her room. She is posing in front of the photographic lens in various, very discrete poses so that (mostly) carefully hide her individually recognisible face. In spite of that we can notice from the mode of representation of the body that in the forefront of the author’s research is discovering her own identity, an introspection. The self- portraits are by no means erotic but deeply emotive: they register her intimate impression which, joined in the whole, compose a visual diary of her inner life. With the assistance of the gestures and diverse emotional conditions she has created, not only in her room but also in the natural environment, a personal space imbued with a special atmosphere which (like her frame of mind) continually oscillates between tension and calmness. Her private space also expands in the form of a pink grounding to the Gallery wall and sets a clear dividing line between her “room” and the “personal spaces” of other exhibitors.


Extract from the exhibition catalog Castrumfoto 10, written by Nataša Kovšča