Nina Alexopoulou

Nika Furlani

Massimo Premuda

bïónte s. m. [dal gr. βιῶν -ῶντος «alive»]

In biology, the term is used to indicate an alive being, or to signify something that lives in a defined environment or a certain condition. In botanology, each of the two parts of a graft. This performance is rethinking the concept of the contemporary body by inserting natural elements on the naked skin, creating a visual element composed and projected live through a periscope, which projects the images of real natural directly on the body, in a symbiotic research between the human body and nature.

This performance is a work in progress in which, through a dialogue between the actions of the performer and the live visual of the photographer, fragments of the body are ready to be re-composed in a creative process that begins in the classism without time of a perfect stone-sculpted bust, to emerge in a symbiotic synthesis with the exuberance of live natural elements.

Elements that are ready to come together and merge in the ephemeral time of the performance, thought as a floral triumph in which the female body, the place of birth, is reborn and blooms in a mythical eternal spring.