Nika Furlani
The Floating Diary

The message in the bottle, its roots deep into Greek antiquity, has inspired scholars, writers, sailors and artists building a bridge between different eras and technologies. Always used to send messages of help or hope, today the bottle is used mostly by oceanographers to study the marine currents of the planet.

In The Floating Diary the message in the bottle transforms into a visual diary. Every bottle encloses and protects little photos connected to dear places or life moments. Behind every photo there is the date in which it was shot. Some of the photos are accompanied by short notes, quotes or thoughts. Even if the element of nature is predominant to all the photos, the centre of the research is the artist herself and her will to interpret and guard emotions, desires and visions.

The message in the bottle becomes in this way a narration of a lifetime, which springs out stories and destinies, and which makes the viewer come closer to observe the codes, secrets and images that hide inside.

This work was conceived as an installation to be placed in a natural environment and was realised for the occasion of AESON Festival arti in natura 2015. Hanging from a tree, 25 Bottles wave with the wind, floating into emptiness.