Nika Furlani

Sirene fluide

Massimo Premuda

Nina Alexopoulou

Nika Furlani

sirèna s. f.
[dal lat. tardo Sirena, lat. class. Siren -ēnis, gr. Σειρήν -ῆνος]

The legend of the Siren, loaded with mystery and seduction, has spread beyond mythology to music, arts, and cinema. Siren is a chimeric figure capable of incarnating the perfect hybrid between man and animal, male and female.

The protagonist is the performer’s body which constantly transforms stressing the limits between male and female, assuming a fluid and pansexual gender identity capable of challenging the traditional roles and creating a new artificial creature that redefines in every part of the performance its own identity, hic et nunc, in front of the spectator.

a DoubleRoom arti visive & Cizerouno production
with the participation of Trieste Film Festival

video Christopher Scherlich

flussi di marea

curator Mila Lazić & Massimiliano Schiozzi
promoted by Cizerouno associazione culturale
supported by Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia

with the participation of Trieste Film Festival