Nika Furlani

Energia primigenia

Nina Alexopoulou

Nika Furlani

Michael Petronio

Massimo Premuda

The symbol of the ancestral feminine, present in all archaic cultures expresses primordial memories, memories imprinted in our conscience but remain dormant and forgotten. The female archetype represents internal qualities that include, harbor and nurture the flow of life from remote times. Already in Neolithic times the patriarchal model, powerfully imposed, has annihilated this knowledge and substituted the life-bringing and peaceful forces with aggressivity and force.

Immersed in the darkness the performer Nina Alexopoulou walks bringing on her naked skin all those memories of a primordial culture. Together with her emerges a dialogue with projected elements thanks to an episcope, an analog projector that permits the photographer Nika Furlani to project live little objects. Sounds of nature are mixed live by musician Michael Petronio while the audience is accompanied towards a deep relationship with Mother Nature where everything vibrates in a rebirth of the senses.