Nika Furlani

For Transactiva

Digital Communication Artistic Residency Program

< Corpora Lucida

September 2014 – February 2015
For Transactiva
Artistic residence for a project of digital communication

Transactiva, a leading company on the research of orphan drugs, has chosen to revolutionise its web communication planning by producing an artistic project connected with its philosophy. This project was followed and monitored by CREAA, a creative innovation start- up company.

The artist and photographer Nika Furlani was thus involved in the realisation of a series of photos dedicated to the R & D planning of Transactiva. Based on the personal research of the artist, the images were produced with the use of an episcope (analogic projector) through which laboratory plants, rice and tobacco in different stages of growth were projected on naked bodies.

The new online site was then developed in harmony with the artistic project, forming a new mode of communication that favours the synergy between scientific research, ICT technology and creative works connected to artistic research.