Nika Furlani


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Terrarum was born while exploring the Genius Loci- the Spirit, the character and soul of a place to which man is inextricably linked to. Nature and its unbreakable connection to humans is represented by diverse materials used to cover the body, gathered along the banks of river Tagliamento; have, bark, shells, twigs and more.

The photos are deliberately direct, focused on the message they convey rather on the aesthetic quality of the image. The human body is used as a canvas on which emotions and moods associated with the site transpire, with which the author tries to weave an intimate and profound relationship placing herself in a situation of listening, trying to perceive the invisible behind the visible. Only then the artist can get in touch with the essence of that small piece of Earth.

The projections of stones, sand, shells, bark, and twigs are obtained through the use of an episcope (analog projector) that allows you to project the image of the chosen object directly on a physical medium.