Nika Furlani

Genus Fluens

< Corpora Lucida

The timeless myth of the sirens, full of mystery and seduction, is intimately connected with the ancestral relationship between humans and nature. The sirens with their “chimerean” appearance, half human – half animal, are characterized by their magnetic calls, transform and overlap each other through time, blurring the boundaries between mythology, religion and art. This capacity of transformation represents the illusion of a perfect body, symbol of the multifariousness of being, due to the coexistence of opposite elements both masculine and feminine and from the harmony born through their balance.

The relationship between human and nature is represented through the use of analogue devices, which are given contemporary functions. The projections of fish and molluscs are obtained through the use of an episcope (analogue projector) which projects on a physical surface, in this case the naked body, a direct projection of the chosen object. The choice of using different types of marine fauna shows the clear intention of recalling the imagery of the sirens, but simultaneously the intention of representing a return to our origins.
The marine fauna merges with the two bodies – the male and the female one – giving birth to a new artificial creature, an exemplar of a pansexual, gender-fluid body.