Nika Furlani

Antheia & co.

Antheia, Sofia, Chara, Electra, Chloe, Demetra

Photography and video:
Nika Furlani


The initial objective of this project was to obtain distinct portraits created slowly over time letting the artist
perceive the subjects’ world, allowing them to express themselves freely. It was decided then to first be
observers of their world and then carefully collect and capture instances, emotions, challenges, and dreams
of these women into a container of the everyday and the habitual.

Through learning more about each woman and developing an in-depth connection with every one of them,
paradoxically the research lead far from the single person identity and towards a shared female identity
created in the space given. This unique connection was reinterpreted through visual narratives that go
beyond the singular to become a symbol.

Thus, every face was given an idealized name, abstract and perfect that recalls only partially the subject

This work consists of a video projection that blends photography and video accompanied by original music
composed by Finnish musician Olavi.